Weekly Routine Maintenance

For the best long term use of your Rennco bagging and VFFS machinery, make sure to follow our maintenance guide:

  • Wipe down film feed rollers
  • Check seal jaw grip
  • Check gripper material

For weekly maintenance, start by wiping down the film feed rollers with denatured alcohol. Open the guard door and clean all the rubber rollers on the machine with denatured alcohol as well.

Next, check the seal jaw grip on the film. With the power turned off, manually close the seal jaw on the film that is threaded through the machine. Push the linkage arm to apply pressure on the film to ensure you have a good grip. If the film pulls out, the sealing jaws might be out of alignment. To check the vertical and bottom horizontal grip, apply pressure to the linkage arm and pull on the film below the seal jaw to ensure the film is tight.

Finally, check the silicone gripper material for any damage and replace it if needed. Pull back a section of the gripper and inspect it. If you notice any pieces of material worn down or no longer soft, you should change the silicone gripper. When replacing, pull the gripper completely out. Ensure you install the gripper with the smooth side inserted into the gripper extrusion, while the side with the groove faces outward. Bunch the rubber tight into the gripper extrusion along the entire length of the seal bar and ensure the gripper is flat.