Vertical L Bar Sealer 501

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The Model 501 vertical L bar sealer is one of the largest models offered. This unit benefits customers with substantial film savings versus pre-made bags on a roll. Especially on cylindrical products and products that are longer than they are wide - products like stacks of cups, bolts of cloth, curtain rods, etc.

The 501 can incorporate a trim wind up for scrap removal or be configured in a “trimless” manner (thus scrap is left attached to the package versus being waste) along with a light screen cycling mechanism and perimeter interlocked guarding.

Optional features on the bagger include a trim break detection eye, hole punch for air release, pin perforator assembly along with a multitude of other features..

When you utilize the Model 501 series vertical L bar sealer, you receive a versatile packager to produce package sizes from 2” x 2” up to 24” x 65” (depending on series of machine).

Click the link to take you to a video: Model 501-70 Poly Bagging Rolls of Carpet/Rugs or Model 501-36 Vertical Packaging System Running Sign Kits

Some products that have been packaged on the Model 501:

  • Rolls of Gift Wrap
  • Stacks of Bowls
  • Plumbing Parts
  • Rolls of Carpet
  • Ventilator Kit
  • Stacks of Cups
  • Tissue Paper
Product Attributes
  • Air Requirement.43 to .60 CFM Per Machine Cycle at 80 PSI (CFM will vary with added options)
  • Electric Requirement240 Volt - 3 Phase - 60 Hz - 7.5-9 amps (Could vary with added options)
  • FootprintApprox. 74" x 78" - Model 501-36
  • FootprintApprox. 74" x 82" - Model 501-52
  • FootprintApprox. 74" x 99" - Model 501-65
  • Package Size2" x 2" - 24" x 65"
  • SpeedUp to 30/min depending on product


  • Easy Open Perforator
  • Header Sealer HS-10
  • Header Sealer HS-14
  • Film Cart
  • Film Registration
  • 1/4" Hole Punch
  • Obround Hole Punch
  • Tent Style Hole Punch
  • Jaw Guards
  • Large Trim Wind Up
  • Pick & Place Removal System
  • Powered Film Cradle
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Spare Sealing Assembly
  • Static Eliminator
  • Transformer
  • Discharge Conveyors (Multiple Sizes)
  • Pin Perforator Assembly
  • Trim Break Detection Eye
  • Bag Release for Lightweight Product