ProPick "Hands Free" Towel Bagging System For Linens NEW

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The Rennco Model ProPick system is the new "hands-free" towel bagging solution ideal for bagging washcloths, shop towels, bar wipes, microfibers and more.

The customer sling dispenses items into the hopper area. The items are then transported up the incline conveyor to a flat conveyor that includes a weight scale. The intermittent conveyor moves incrementally until the correct weight is achieved and then advances at full speed to load the correct weight of items into the film. The package is produced and then discharged for transport to the end-user.

Features & Benefits
  • Simple, fast and efficient
  • No operator required – "Go Hands-Free"
  • Bags up to 24" x 27"
  • Utilizes centerfolded poly versus pre-made bags
  • Variable bag length based on products
  • Single or Dual arrangement
  • Easily retrofitted to existing system where operators were required
  • Operator platform allows for a more compact size