Tray Counter / Tray Loader TCL

Rennco has systems available to count, transfer and package foam trays and polypropylene/polystyrene containers. The model TCL (tray counter/loader) is used to receive product from the trim press of both foam and rigid plastic products. Years of OEM partnership enables Rennco to provide our customers with total production line automation.

The TCL tray counter and loader is designed with quality in mind. The system offers accuracy and consistency with the output of most thermoformers. With the TCL you can experience decreased labor costs and increased production times.

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  • Product Attributes:

    PACKAGE SIZE Up to 24" x 65" bag size
    PRODUCT SIZE 4" x 4" to 11" x 18" - Up to 55" stack length
    SPEED Consistent with the output of most thermoformers


    • Easy Open Perforator
    • Horizontal Discharge Conveyor
    • Film Cart
    • Film Registration
    • 1/4" Hole Punch - Single, Double Or Triple Punch
    • Large Trim Wind Up
    • Trimless Seal Arrangement
    • Powered Film Cradle
    • Spare Parts Kit
    • Spare Sealing Assembly
    • Static Eliminator
    • Transformer
    • Discharge Conveyor's (Multiple Sizes)
    • Pin Perforator Assembly
    • Trim Break Detection Eye
    • Servo Film Feed

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