Annual Routine Maintenance

For the best long term use of your Rennco bagging and VFFS machinery, make sure to follow our maintenance guide:

  • Replace air cylinders
  • Replace needle bearings

Before proceeding with semiannual maintenance, ensure the air and power are locked out. Begin by checking the jaw alignment: open the guard door, remove all gripper rubber, and manually close the seal bar to ensure the front and back jaws close tightly with no gap. Also, check the squareness of the vertical gripper extrusion. Next, inspect the backup rubber and H channel for wear. If needed, replace these components by loosening the bolts from the solid jaw that secure the backup assembly. Remove the assembly and check for wear on all materials, such as ensuring the sponge rubber retains its natural spring. Replace any necessary items, reassemble the components, and tighten the bolts.

Then, verify the seal bar and jaw cylinders to ensure the cylinder body is tight and there is no play in the cylinder mount. The seal bar should extend and retract smoothly. Push and pull the heater junction box to ensure it moves smoothly; if it does not, the seal bar cylinders are not set correctly. Instructions for setting the stroke distance of the seal bar are located in the operations manual. Following these steps will help maintain the efficiency and functionality of the equipment. Ensure to consult the operations manual for detailed instructions and safety guidelines.