Micro Vertical Cup Counter/Loader VCCL

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Our newest offering of the Rennco Micro VCCL (vertical cup counter/loader) is available with a dual lane infeed design. The system can handle single and double poly coated paper and clay coated cups. The product is typically fed into the vertical "tower" system with the mouth of the cup leading. In standard applications, the diameter of the cup should not exceed the overall height of the cup. The VCCL towers count, accumulate and shuttle transfer the stack of cups eliminating the traditional staging area/transfer belts.

Ensuring customers receive speed and precision on their bagging application, this system offers a package size of one to six stacks of cups per bag and speeds up to 330 cups per lane, per minute. Offering you reduced floor space by 30% over our standard VCCL unit, the Vertical Cup Counter is the perfect addition to your manufacturing and production lines for paper cup packaging.

Product Attributes
  • Machine Dimensions82 1/2" W x 314 1/2" L x 154 1/2" H
  • SpeedUp 330 Cup/Tubs Per Lane
  • Product TypePaper Cups and Paper Tubs
  • Electrical Requirements208/240/480V- 3 Phase Transformer
  • Air Requirements80 PSI


  • Able to integrate with 301-24" or 501-36" packager depending on stack lengths
  • Multi-Lane Under Jaw Diverter
  • Horizontal Discharge Conveyor
  • Flat To Incline Discharge Conveyor With Lane Divider
  • Film Cart For 22" Diameter Polyethylene Rolls

Rennco's Micro Vertical Cup Counters & Loaders are ideal for multiple industries including: