Daily Routine Maintenance

For the best long term use of your Rennco bagging and VFFS machinery, make sure to follow our maintenance guide:

  • Check jaw safety
  • Clean seal bars
  • Check air regulators
  • Check guard switches & light curtain

For daily maintenance, follow these steps:

First, check the jaw safety to ensure it is operating properly. Use a piece of 3/8 inch plastic tubing and place it in the seal area, then hit the manual jaw close button. When the seal jaw makes contact with the tubing, it should move to an open position.

Second, check the seal bars for buildup. Push the heater junction forward to extend the seal blades, and then wipe the seal bar surfaces to remove any buildup. Do not use abrasives or chemicals to clean the seal bar, use only a soft cloth.

Third, ensure that the air regulators are set correctly based on the schematics for your specific machine. Make sure all guard doors are closed.

Fourth, check all guard switches by opening and closing each guard door. Ensure they are working properly. The HMI will prompt to show that guard doors are open or have been opened.

Lastly, check that the light curtain is functioning properly. Place your hand through the curtain with the seal jaws in the open position. Check that the LED light goes from green to red when you block the beam.