Vertical Laundry Bagging & Wrapping Equipment

The VerticL-PP laundry bagging system provides a reliable, versatile, cost effective packaging solution to other roll stock systems or pre-made bag operations. The VerticL-PP system is equipped with a light screen cycling mechanism that counts the items per package; or can be equipped with a weigh scale option. The VerticL-PP system is also available as a Dual system meaning that two operator load stations and two sealing systems are on one common frame to increase output from the bagging operation.

The vertical laundry bagging and wrapping equipment is available as:

  • Vertical Bagging Machine for the Laundry Industry
  • Vertical Dual Bagging Machine with 2 Seal Systems

To learn more about the line of bagging & wrapping equipment for the laundry industry, contact Rennco today.

The VerticL-PP automatic bagging system is designed specifically for the laundry bagging industry.

This packaging system allows for more production by having two seal systems on one frame.

Packaging system designed for laundry applications by weight versus piece count.

Introducing the "Hands Free" weigh bagging system ideal for bar wipes, wash clothes, micro-fibers and more.