Vertic-L-PP Counting & Bagging Product Though Light Curtain

The fully automated Vertic-L-PP system decreases the risk of dust and dirt contaminating parts, which is a common problem in bulk shipping in the medical goods packaging industry, reduces direct labor associated with packaging, and lowers packaging materials cost.

The Rennco Vertic-L-PP counts product as it falls through the light curtain and brings product directly into bag and eliminates the need for a bowl feeder and indexing pocket conveyor to bag. The Vertic-L-PP is ideal for companies that use injection-molding machines.

Following injection or blow molding, parts are routed via conveyor to the Vertic-L-PP system. Those parts are automatically counted, staged, and then bagged, with each bag containing the specified number of parts. The Vertic-L-PP forms, fills, and seals each bag from a single roll of polyethylene mounted on the machine. This eliminates the use of higher cost premade bags. Bags can be up to 24-inches wide and up to 18-inches long. Changing part count and/or bag length is accomplished simply and quickly through the Vertic-L-PP touch screen.