E Commerce Packaging Model 301 With Centerfolder Unit

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Rennco Model 301 packaging system eliminates the need for employees to handle bags or labels. Less manual handling means greater overall packing-line efficiency.

A switch from packaging mixed-product orders in boxes to bags lowers Dimensional Weight (DIM) calculated shipping cost. Furthermore, the 301 minimizes film cost by forming optimally sized bags around each order. Fulfillment centers can save as much as 50 percent on consumables by eliminating the need to purchase premade bags. The 301 produces bags as small as 2 x 2 inches to as large as 18 x 24 inches, and the bags can be used for shipping consumer or commercial products.

The Rennco packagers typically run centerfolded roll stock material, however, with the use of our centerfolder device we are running flat stock material and converting to centerfold prior to machine feeding. Another unique feature on the system is the addition of a tape strip on the inside of the package. This strip is added to the flat stock material so that once folded the tape strip (with the covering still on it) is on the inside of the package. This allows customers to be able to re-use the bag for returns, if needed, by turning the package inside out and re-sealing with the tape strip.

Integrated with an ID Technology Print & Apply labeling system allows for the shipping label to be applied to the package so once it is ready for shipping to the end user.