VerticL-PP Weigh Bagger

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The Rennco Model VerticL-PP weigh bagging system incorporates the standard VerticL-PP packager with a weigh scale (or scales depending on the application) where linens are bagged by weight versus by count.

A group of items or individual items if inspection is needed are loaded into the weigh scale area. Once the targeted weight is reached, an operator depresses the cycle switch that drops the "grouping" onto the infeed conveyor that advances the load to the packager. The items are wrapped in polyethylene material and then discharged ready for transport to the end user.

It should be noted that all Rennco systems use generic center-folded rolls of poly film which are readily available at significant savings, compared to pre-made bags. Our standard system has bag sizes from 12"x 24" to 27"x24" which can be changed on the touch screen in seconds, without having to change the roll. Therefore only one supply item is ever needed.