Consumer Goods

Rennco offers hand load to fully automated packaging solutions for the consumer goods industry. The below video clips show just a sampling of our offerings. Contact us for a bagging solution.

Model 301 packager running dog treats/bones

Model 301 packager set up to receive paint rollers from upstream slitter unit.

Model 301 packager bagging rolled up items in polyethylene material

E-Pac all electric packaging machine bagging of sterile water bottles

Model 301 packager bagging a pair of gloves

Model 501-70 packaging rolls or carpet/rugs

Rennco Model 201 packager bagging of bath bombs/soap balls

Model 201 Rennco packager with infeed system bagging silverware kits

Model 301 packaging machine bagging paint rollers from side transfer conveyor

Rennco Model 301 packager being hand loaded with pillows.

Rennco bagging machine packaging bulk pre-wrapped sticky notes for transport to warehouse supply stores.

Model 201 packager running bath bombs

Model 301 Packager suited for E-Commerce type mailing packages

Rennco Model 301 packager bagging license plate kits

Model 201 Packager bagging filters in plain polyethylene centerfolded packaging material

Model 201/SPS pocket conveyor kit packaging system.

Next Gen Model 301 packager bagging paint rollers

Model 301 packager integrated with ID Technology Print & Apply Labeler for mail order type applications.