Paper Disposables Industry

Rennco provides the food service disposables paper industry with bagging, sealing, and packaging equipment to make sure their cup, plate, or bowl products are bagged and sealed properly.

The semi-automatic vertical bagging machines allow for a versatile bag sealing experience. The Model 501 Sealer is combined with upstream infeed systems to make for a fully automatic packaging line.

Rennco offers a Vertical Cup Counter/Cup Loader (VCCL) which is available from one to four lanes. The product is typically fed into the vertical “tower” system with the mouth of the cup leading. The VCCL tower counts, accumulates and transfers the stack of cups to either a single or dual seal assembly. Any incorrect stack counts are automatically removed from the system for quality assurance.

Rennco offers to the paper container industry a system that can bag retail packages to bulk packages depending on customer needs. The Model 301 and 501 vertical bagging series is utilized based on specific application needs.

Rennco provides several machines to make sure the food service disposables industry has bagging, sealing, and packaging equipment to count, accumulate, transfer, and package various products.

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Paper Disposables Industry

Model 501 SF Packager Running Paper Cups

Model 501 Packager With Vertical Cup Infeed System