Hardware & Parts Vertical Bagging & Sealing Solutions

Rennco offers many bagging solutions for the industrial hardware & parts kit industry. Single to multiple items can be placed into the bag made on our vertical packaging machines. These machines are diverse, available in hand loading and automatic systems. Below is a small offering of solutions provided.

The hardware and parts product sealing, bagging, and vertical packaging
machines include:

  • Light switch cover
  • Medical tube packaging
  • Plastic cabinet hardware
  • Brake parts

To learn more about the hardware and parts bagging machinery, browse the product pages and contact Rennco today via phone calls and emails.

Watch the Model 201 Packager being hand loaded with light switch covers. Working with a variety of industries, including the hardware and parts industry, this machine is efficient and compact.

Ideal for the medical industry, the Model 201 and SPS infeed system combine to provide efficient, accurate, and safe bagging for medical tubes. This Medical Tube bagging system is flexible to meet unique product size requirements.

Rennco offers the Model 201PP Packager, designed to pouch pack with an efficient and effective seal. In this video, the Model 201PP can be seen Running Plastic Cabinet Hardware.

Watch the Model 301 packager being hand loaded with automotive brake parts. This system is efficient and accurate in each application.

Model 301 packager accepting single metal stakes, accumulating and then bagging into a plain polyethylene bag.