Delivering Optimum Packaging Line Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Installing an original equipment manufacturer's (OEMs) packaging line solution should not treated as the end of a project. Rather, the installation of a new machine should be looked at as a milestone along a journey toward highest overall productivity and lowest overall cost of ownership over the extended life of that machine.

Achieving high productivity and low cost is a process that begins with thoroughly considered equipment specifications and continues through training, on-going service, and upgrades as new mechanical and electronic solutions become available. The objective of this white paper is to outline this lifecycle approach and examine ways that both the OEM's and customer's resources can be aligned to deliver today's and tomorrow's packaging line solutions.

The specification process

At the beginning of the specification process, customers typically provide the OEM with the following:

  • Desired operating speed
  • Labor content
  • Product matrix - the range of products to be processed
  • Desired changeover times
  • Uptime
  • Duty cycles i.e. number of shifts and intervals between major maintenance
  • Control system compatibility
  • Mechanical and electrical integration with up- and down-stream equipment
  • Return on Investment

The OEM then identifies one of its core machines to serve as the foundation for the customer's custom order. At this point - the very beginning - the lifecycle viewpoint kicks in.

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