TruSeal Sealing System

The TruSeal Sealing System is the perfect blend of new technology and Rennco's proven heat-sealing concepts. Born from Rennco's dedication to continuous improvement and voice of customer initiatives, the TruSeal Sealing System capitalizes on ease of use, uptime, and reliability.

Its new technology provides a square or “true” sealing environment, perfectly executing proper alignment while giving the operator an easy and straightforward process that eliminates guesswork.

The TruSeal Sealing System is also much easier to adjust and set up. Routine maintenance tasks that used to take 30-45 minutes to perform can now be done in 10 minutes or less, resulting in less downtime and increased throughput.

•Stronger sealing strength
•Fewer components
•Easier to assemble
•Easier for customer to set-up
•Maintains squareness
•Lower sealing temperature / reduced energy consumption

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