Uptime Seal Jaw Retrofit Options

The UPTIME seal jaw design incorporates useful adjustment features and robust seal bar mounting that provide reduced maintenance and down time.

Strategically located adjustment cams yield two benefits. First, the cams provide a fine tuning adjustment for alignment of jaw plates and the entire solid jaw. They are permanently attached to underlying structure, so when jaw plates and solid jaw pieces are removed, the cams provide a datum location to return to during reassembly.

The improved design of the mounting components for seal bars makes for a more rigid structure, ensuring the ability to maintain alignment with the rubber back up strip. Seal bar clamp blocks manufactured from steel and rigid phenolic spacers make seal bar assembly straightforward and repeatable.

UPTIME seal jaws are available in the standard ‘L’ configuration for packagers that remove the trim from the package. Both horizontal and vertical seal bars cut through the film to separate the finished package.
UPTIME seal jaws are also available in the trimless ‘T’ configuration for applications where the package is not trimmed (the excess film stays attached to the package).
The vertical seal bar makes a flat seal.
Either of the above seal jaw configurations can be provided with either of the following seal bar styles.

The SF seal bar forms a bead seal due to its leading edge shape. This type of seal is well suited to many applications and is a good choice for retail packages that require a fine seal.

The TRIBAR seal bar is comprised of a central cutting rule and flat side bars that make a flat seal approximately 1/8” wide either side of the cut-off.
The SERVO JAW DRIVE upgrade incorporates a beefy geared servo drive motor and linkage to replace the existing air cylinder drive linkage. This reduces maintenance, improves repeatability, and increases life expectancy.

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