Rennco Introduces the Vertic-L-PP System for Counting and Bagging Injection and Blow Molded Parts

Oct 10, 2014
  • The Vertic-L-PP system decreases the risk of dust and dirt contaminating parts, which is a common problem in bulk shipping, reduces direct labor associated with packaging, and lowers packaging materials cost. (Rennco Pack Expo Booth # N5327)
Rennco Vertic-L-PP bagging solution

HOMER, Mich. — Rennco, powered by ProMach, features at Pack Expo 2014, November 2-5 in Chicago, the Vertic-L-PP bagging system for counting and bagging injection and blow molded parts. This new fully automated solution for the injection and blow molding industries reduces the risk of dust and dirt contaminating parts during shipment, lowers overall packaging materials cost, and decreases the amount of time employees are involved in packing products for shipment. (Rennco Pack Expo Booth # N5327)

Following injection or blow molding, parts are routed via conveyor to the Vertic-L-PP system. Those parts are automatically counted, staged, and then bagged, with each bag containing the specified number of parts. The Vertic-L-PP forms, fills, and seals each bag from a single roll of polyethylene mounted on the machine. This eliminates the use of higher cost premade bags. Bags can be up to 24-inches wide and up to 18-inches long. Changing part count and/or bag length is accomplished simply and quickly through the Vertic-L-PP touch screen.

“The Vertic-L-PP system, which was originally designed for the laundry industry, is a proven and highly reliable system, one of our more popular machines,” said Robin Thurgood, Vice President and General Manager, Rennco. “The new injection and blow molding option was developed for loose part packaging, where reducing dust and dirt contamination will provide a competitive edge. Automating the bagging system will increase throughput and lower operational costs.”

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