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After Market Customer Services

After Market Customer Services

  • Competent Phone Service  We take pride in the depth of knowledge and experience that each of our technical staff has acquired.  When you speak with a technician about a machine issue, you are speaking with a person that has personally assembled, wired, and operated a broad range of Rennco equipment models.  We can help address operational issues related to your specific machinery products and packaging film.  Call toll free 800-701-1343.
  • Installation and Start Up of New Equipment Rennco technicians with years of experience and a "can do" attitude are available for commissioning new equipment. They will assist your personnel in set up and line start up to ensure all expectations are met.
  • PMMI Certified Training Your personnel will be trained by field service technicians who understand how people learn. They will assist you in confirming the level of retention of your personnel, and will match their technique to your internal training program.
  • Follow Up Training Our technicians are available any time after the initial installation for follow up training for new employees, to reinforce what was learned in the past, and to pass on new information and techniques.
  • System Upgrades Rennco offers a broad range of general and application-specific packager upgrades to enhance the useability of your systems.  Some examples of upgrades include; PLC and electrical controls conversions, servo linear actuators, and state of the art seal assemblies.  We can also add basic packager options.  We can provide automation solutions by integrating either standard or custom designed product handling equipment to your existing packager. These include conveyors, product infeed mechanisms, and thermal transfer printers to name a few.
  • Safety Audit Over time safety standards have evolved.  Vintage Rennco equipment, some going strong after 30 years in continual use, may need to be evaluated against today's safety standards.  We will work with your safety staff to determine the most effective way to upgrade your equipment and meet your expectations.
  • Equipment Refurbishing Rennco will evaluate and make recommendation on the most cost effective way to get maximum life expectancy from your equipment.  Our refurbishing service can be carried out in your plant or at our facility, depending on the extent of work to be done.  If you are considering refurbishing, consider potential ergonomic and safety upgrades also.
  • Machine Repair and Service Rennco technicians can support your maintenance department by providing timely repair assistance and general machine service. They can work side by side with your personnel evaluate the general condition of your equipment, assist in tuning it for maximum production rates, and make recommendations for upgrades and maintenance schedule.
  • After Hours Support Call 517-449-8901 after 5 pm EST time to speak with a service technician.
  • Refurbishment Kits Bagger refurbishing kits include a selection of common wear parts and key components needed for optimum bagger performance, and critical parts required for sustaining production output. 

Download Rennco Refurbished Kits Brochure