Rennco Advantages

Here are some features and advantages to Rennco equipment as compared to the competition:

Rennco Advantages The Competition
Primarily Allen Bradley electrical components are used, no proprietary controllers. Other less well known brands which may not be as reliable or readily available.
Large inventory of spare parts which typically can be shipped on the day of ordering. Less well stocked spare parts inventory could cause significant down time waiting for delivery.
Fully staffed technical service group providing quick response for service or training. Competitor's have significantly less capability in this area.
All service technicians are PMMI certified to provide consistent level of training and support. Service technicians can be less formally trained or less capable of providing training.
Minimum of NEMA 12 rating for electrical enclosures. Offered as an option with an upcharge on some competitor's equipment.
Engineered solutions to perfectly fit customer requirements. Some competitive equipment is available as stock models only.
Industrial duty, heavy steel plate construction, suitable for 24/7 operation. Competitive models use sheet metal construction or aluminum extrusion construction.
Powder coat finish or plating on all manufactured items for durable corrosion resistance. Unfinished or lightly finished parts can lead to premature corrosion or failure.
Machine manuals contain full documentation to enable troubleshooting and part identification. Documentation can be less thorough.